Friday, November 11, 2011

Faithful Friday - The Mitchell Family

Update: Now that they are no longer adopting him, I can share that the sweet boy they were trying to adopt is my Logan. Logan is no longer available for adoption because has been taken by a priest in his country. Please read about that here -

HOLD UP!!!! Do NOT skip this post because it is just another of my asking for money posts. PLEASE read this all the way through! They are an spectacular family and they need your help!

Hey, guess what today is!! It's 11/11/11!! And in about 3 hours it will be 11:11pm! :) And today, I want to introduce you to a family I love dearly. The Mitchell family!
Aren't they a beautiful family?!?! Kevin and Jaclyn, along with their 3 beautiful girls Kaitlyn (6), Brittany (5), and Alyssa (2). And yes! This is the same Jaclyn that has donated bows for my Love for Little Logan Fundraiser! Unfortunately, I can't share a picture of the little one they are adopting or a profile, because they don't have one on RR. But I can tell you that they are working hard to add some BLUE to their family photo!

You can find their blog right HERE - OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY! Please go visit, leave a comment and tell them I said hi! :)

Right now they have an AMAZING fundraiser going on! (Yep, that is her new favorite word and mine too!!) If they can raise $5,000 by the end of the year, it will get DOUBLED! A very generous friend has offered to donate $5,000 to them, IF they the get to $5,000 by the end of the year! C'mon people! TOGETHER WE CAN!!! We CAN get the $5,000, because no task is too big for our big God! We CAN bless this beautiful, deserving family's socks off because no task is too big for our big God! And we CAN get their sweet boy home where he belongs, because no task is too big for our BIG God!!!

So to make your giving worthwhile they've added some sweet prizes to the pot! Like the one and only Ipad2!
 And some wayy cute plaques made by Jaclyn!
More cute things like socks and hairbows on their blog, and more to come! The rules for this giveaway are: $10 gets you 1 Chance
$25 gets you 5 Chances
$50 gets you 15 Chances
$100 gets you 50 Chances

 But remember, they won't be giving away the Ipad2, UNLESS they reach their goal!

Also to help them reach their goal you can get one of these adorable, hairbows, tutus, or necklaces!

The tutus and hairbows can be found at Jaclyn's Hairbow blog, and the necklaces can be found HERE (hey, see necklace #15?? It's SOLD, and it's going to me! hehehe :))!! 

AND you can get awesome bracelets that say "TOGETHER WE CAN"! I got all of ours the other day and everybody in our fam, esp me, LOVES wearing them! :) You can get them HERE!

I'm firmly believing that God will move mountains for this family, because no task is too big for our BIG GOD! Amen? So let's go people!
Together we CAN be the hands and feet of Jesus and be a blessing in the life of a sweet little orphan boy by helping to give him a family!!! 

And I'll even make it easy for you - here is the chip-in! :)


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  1. I love you my sweet friend!! Thank You so much for spreading the news about our family!!! We love our sweet boy, and we cannot wait to be able to share his sweet photo with all of you :)


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