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Faithful Friday - The M Family

Thanksgiving totally messed me up! It seemed like it was Saturday yesterday... which gave me no reason to post my Faithful post! :) So meet another beautiful family who has stepped out in faith to bring home a precious little one.... The M family!

Who is adopting Carlene! Today you have the chance to be part of her miracle!

CARLENE for Steve and Katrina — Riverside County, CA

Steve and Katrina have been married for 18 years. They have 3 boys, Joshua 17, Jared 14 and Jacob 12 and one adopted princess, Nevaeh 3. In 2003 they were pregnant with their 4th son when they went to a doctor’s appointment and found out there was no heartbeat anymore. Katrina was 6 months pregnant at the time. Because of this loss and the hard pregnancies that Katrina has, they decided to look into adopting. They looked into foster/adoption in Riverside County but did not feel right about it at that time.
In 2007 they decided to look into foster/adoption again and fostered 2 little girls before they got the call for Nevaeh. They knew they were only her foster parents but immediately feel in love with her. After 18 months Nevaeh’s birth parents decided it would be in her best interest to be adopted by Steve and Katrina. Her adoption was finalized in April 2010.
They thought their family was complete until Katrina was advocating for adoption during the month of November. She stumbled upon a blog that was talking about Reece’s Rainbow families. Katrina started to follow one of those families and by December had fallen in love with a little girl named Carlene. A few weeks later, Carlene had found a family and so Katrina started to look at other little girls with Down syndrome because she was feeling like God was calling their family to adopt again.
But every time she would start to pray about a little one, they would find a family. She was beginning to think that maybe it wasn’t something they were suppose to do and so she just started to concentrate on fund raising for other families. Then she noticed that Carlene was listed again and she knew that she was her child. Steve and Katrina prayed about it and together decided that the time was right and that they needed to go and get Carlene.
Carlene has already been moved to an institution so they are trying hard to get to her as soon as possible. They are excited about starting on this journey and experiencing the joy of having a child with Down syndrome. They would love for you to follow along with them. Any support or encouragement you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Follow the family's adoption journey on their blog at 
$2394.90 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

At least one of those pictures is probably familiar to you if you follow a few adoption blogs. She's a common face! And an adorable one!!! :) Because her region is very expensive her family is having an Ipad2 giveaway! Like everyone else, I know, but hey if you donate to everyone's your bound to win one sometime! If you already have one (or are waiting for it to come in the mail, like us!) wouldn't it make a great gift for Christmas?? And you can get a deal with this giveaway that not many others have... You can get one entry for just $5 instead of $10 like "normal"!

$5.00 = 1 entry
$15.00 = 4 entries
$30.00 = 8 entries
$50.00 = 15 entries
$100.00  = 25 entries
Not only can you win a Ipad2, but you can win 8 other amazing prizes. All donations can be made HERE. If you make a $30 donation of more, Katrina will send you some yummy peppermint bark or toffee! You can also share on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter and receive 1 entry! You can find all the details on their blog, and make sure if you donate to or share about this giveaway, that you comment on Katrina's Facebook page or THIS POST!

Carlene's region is closed for adoption right now, but it will be opening back up soon and they need to be able to get as as SOON as it opens up, which means they need all their funds by then. Please, won't you help get her out of that stinky orphanage??

Would you be willing to donate $5.00
if you knew that this would be the last Thanksgiving and 
Christmas this precious face would have to spend in an orphanage?

Or how about this one?? Every blog post and $5 bill helps tremendously!!!

THANK YOU in advance for your generosity! :)

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  1. Thanks for blogging for us. We are praying we will have Carlene home soon.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)


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