Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Jessa

Meet the last of the four princesses! Tabitha, Lizzy, Rebekah, and today, Jessa!

From August 2010
Why on earth is she soo bundled up in August?!?!?
March 2011

Sweet pea!

Jessa 15H

Girl, born in February 2010
Brothers and sisters: no
Eyes: Grey
Hair: blond
Character is calm, smiling

Sweet little Jessa has rickets, and a mild umbilical hernia (not uncommon for children with Down syndrome).  She also has some heart issues, ventricular septum defect, and an atrial septum defect.  She is listed as having a development delay as well, due to her Down syndrome.

$135.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Like the 3 other sweeties, Jessa is such a little sweetheart! She's almost two years old, and needs a family now so she never has to know that she is an orphan and feel like no one loves her! She needs you to come get her, and even if you can't get her 3 "sisters", she'll be happy to come HOME just the same!! But boy, oh boy, if a family got all 4 of them.... I don't know if I'd even be willing to come stay with you and help you! That would be a CUTE OVERLOAD!!!! I LOVE cute babies, but I don't that I'd be able to handle that much! :)



  1. I am Jessa's Christmas Warrior!! :)) I had not seen these other photos! She is such a precious little muffin, and had she been in the same orphanage as our little girl we are working to bring home- I would be SO tempted to scoop her up, too. Thank you for posting about her!

  2. sarah and amy! Jessa i can hear angels swooping to you from here!xxxxxxxxx of course she is added to the gallery xxxxx


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