Friday, October 7, 2011

Pure love.

Our dear friends Jake and Ashley met their boy Carter today. I refreshed thier blog LOTS of times waiting for pictures, and they finally came! Pure love at first sight... with preciousness sprinkled on top!

Carter and Mama
Carter and Jake
"Leave me alone, I'm with my papa!"
I CAN NOT wait to see this boy thrive at home with all the love he is going to get! He is going to be one spoiled little boy, that's for sure! :) I can't wait to do my share of the spoiling!

Please go to their blog to see more pictures and videos!
One of my fav pics of him! ♥
So happy for you Jake, Ash, and Carter!


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  1. aww thanks so much, Sarah! What a sweet post! Yes -we're sure you'll do your fair share of spoiling...and I'm sure Carter won't mind :)


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