Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Please Grab My Button!!!

No news on the list today, and we may not hear until Friday.. :( Please keep praying!!! ♥ I so want to tell you who his family is! :) Not to mention the suspense if he'll have to wait another year or not. He turned 4 yesterday, and if FAS isn't added to the list, his family will have to wait till he is 5 to adopt him. :((

But, I finally got around to making a button!!! Please grab it for your blog! This fundraiser is NOT doing well at all, and I really want to help Logan's family! Don't want it be a total flop like my last fundraiser.. Thank you for helping me spread the word!!


To see parts 1 and 2 of the fundraiser, follow the links below.

Hairbands for a Home
Bows for my Beloved

I also got the pages to work at the top of my blog! YAY! :)

Thanks all soo much for helping to bring my baby home!


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