Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Day of National DS Awareness Month!

So today is the last day of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and also the last day of the 31 for 21 challenge. I didn't do as good a job posting about Down Syndrome as I wanted to this month, but I didn't miss a day! So to end off the month, I want to share with you a list of 21 people I love who have Down Syndrome!

Mind you, this isn't in order of who I love the most. I could never chose one over another!! ♥ And I had to take several off the list because I had too many... :( I could fill up at least 5 lists like this! :)
  1. Elijah - My Ukrainian little brother, home 12-31-10
  2. Jonathan - My other Ukrainian prince, home 7-9-11
  3. Lilya - Home from Ukraine, and the inspiration for us to adopt Elijah!
  4. Ruby - Lilya's little sister, full of spunk, and wayy cute! :)
  5. Sarah - A 20 yo blogger with DS! A great inspiration to us all!
  6. Carter - Almost home!! Luv you sweet boy!
  7. Caleb - Coming home to his forever family soon!
  8. Katie - Coming home to her forever family soon!
  9. Andrey S - Coming home to his forever family coon!
  10. Carrington - HOME and thriving in her FAMILY!
  11. Kelten and Teagan - Coming home to be Carrington's bro's soon!
  12. Lilly 3G - Still waiting!
  13. Tabitha 15H - Still waiting!
  14. Lizzy 15H - Still waiting!
  15. Rebekah 15H - Still waiting!
  16. Jessa 15H - Still waiting!
  17. Jimmy (China) - Still waiting!
  18. Alice 8CH - Still waiting!
  19. Jonathan 15H - Still waiting!
  20. Mark (Latin America) - Still waiting!
  21. Lyla/Liliana - you better know who she is if you have read any of my last 67 posts!!

Happy end of October Everyone!!!

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