Thursday, October 13, 2011

Siblings and Prayer Requests

According to a new study put out by Dr. Brian Skotko, 97% of siblings ages 9-11 said they love their brother/sister with Down syndrome. Similarly, among siblings ages 12 and older, 97% expressed feelings of pride about their brother/sister with DS and 88% were convinced they were better people because of their sibling with DS.
(info "stolen" from Our Journey to Anya)

I agree 100% with that!!! I am definitely convinced that I am a better person because my brothers have Down Syndrome! What's it like to have a sibling with DS? I think Madelaine, Carrington's big sister, says it perfectly! - 

Hey everybody, it's me! Having siblings with Down syndrome isn't that much different from having "normal" siblings. It's hard to describe what it's like because in my opinion and experience, to really understand what it's like you need to experience life with them and all of their quirks. They've definitely changed my life in the way of my career goals. Because of all of the things I have seen my siblings do, I want to help other children with special needs be able to do all of those things and more. I also want to have or adopt a child with Down syndrome. Preferably a girl because girls are just so much more fun to shop for. At least to me they are because I am a sucker for ruffles and quite frankly, I don't think a little boy would enjoy wearing a ruffled shirt :)
With four siblings who have Down syndrome I have learned that words aren't the only way of talking. My siblings communicate with us in so many ways, with sign language, their eyes, and the far less preferable way, crying and screaming. The occasional raspberry (courtesy of Carrington) gets our attention as well :)
I would definitely say the hardest part about having siblings with Down syndrome is all of the doctor appointments and hospital visits. Always running all over the place trying to get to each appointment on time... it gets stressful sometimes. But the love and trust my siblings have for me, that is the best part of any and all days that I spend with them.
(Taken from Carrington's Courage with permission)

Most of the time I forget that my brothers have Down Syndrome! It doesn't define them, and no they'll never "get over it", but I love them just the way they are! And honestly, if I had the choice, after knowing them, I would never change the fact they had DS! No, of course I wouldn't want them to spend as much time int eh orphanage with out a family as they did, but because of them, I am a much better person then I was before we adopted them! I don't avoid people with DS like I used to, now I got up and talk to them. My brothers have changed me forever to the better, and I am soo very grateful!! ♥

I love you my EXTRA SPECIAL brothers!!
"Live Life BIG - Get to know someone with Down Syndrome!"

Prayer Requests for today-
  • Please keep praying that we will hear something out the list! It's driving me (and many others) a bit crazy not to know!
  • Please pray for a friend of ours that was in a very serious car accident and broke almost everything on the left side of his body!
  • ***PLEASE pray for an adopting family who is getting ready to travel and has been robbed of some VERY important things that they NEED before they travel. I can't even imagine what she is going through right now!!! :(
  • And of course keep praying sweet princess gets a family! :)

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