Monday, October 31, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Sonya and Dusty Hinz

So here it is! The last day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month! Will post more about that later. :) Today, meet sweet Dusty and his sister Sonya!

SONYA & DUSTY for the Hinz family–Fredericksburg, VA

Follow their adoption  journey on their 

Sweet kids! Dusty and Sonya are from the same orphanage as Julia Lococo who I posted about last week, and Hailee Salem who I posted about awhile ago. Sonya and Dusty have changed so much since their already home pictures with their parents!


This last one breaks my heart. This is at the hospital after he got home. Not only is he tiny.... He is SIX years old! (Sonya is 5 1/2)


Happy Beautiful boy!

HOME in their very own FAMILY!
I love doing these posts! :)

And Lyla wants one to be titled "'Mazing Monday - Lyla ______"

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  1. oh just so wonderful! what love and a family will do! thankyou so much for linking thispost up! it's so important to see what can happen for these kids xxx


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