Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who wants to see Andrea G get pied?!?!

In a lot of my WW posts of the kids in (7), (63), and (14), I've included a post Andrea G wrote. She has spent lots of time in the past year over in EE orphanages! She is the one who got Logan listed, and took LOTS of pictures of him like the ones with her below!

Wouldn't she look great with a pie in her face? ;) You get the chance to make that happen! Remember sweet Andriy?
My posts about his family for Faithful Friday are here. You can help bring him home AND get Andrea pied in the face!

But before Andrea gets pied we have several more people we need to pie! When the chip-in below gets to...
(In parentheses is where I've posted about their kiddos! :))

To get all the details go here - Pie List. And stay tuned and follow that blog because I just might get in on the fun!! ;) If you donate before October 10th, you can also get in on the Ipad 2 Giveaway!


Y'all know I would get pied for her too!


  1. Can't wait to see pies in everyone's faces!!

  2. love it! do come and link this on sunday and on fridays linkup as wellxxxxx

  3. Oh Sarah, how I love you... thanks for the support! lol


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