Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos Revealed!!!

So if you've been on my blog lately, you've probably noticed my chip-in on the top right hand side right? It's for my Love for Little Logan Fundraiser!

Well guess what! If you look at my chip-in now, it says $100!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH to the person who didn't like that it was at $0, so donated so generously! You know who you are! It means the world to me that someone is willing to donate so much for a boy they've never even met! THANK YOU!

I had promised in this post, that once my chip-in got to $20, I would show you one of the pictures one of my teammates took of me and Logan last summer, and once it got to $40, I would show you the other one. Since we got $100 with one donor, I get to show you both pictures!!! So with out further ado, let me show you what I wish I could be doing right now!! ♥♥♥

Oh my, look at the clothes they got on my boy!! Honestly, I didn't know that he was a BOY until I got home and hooked up with Andrea! LOL Next time I go back, I will ask the nannies if the kid I have is a boy or a girl!! :) (Since I know those words in Russian now!) And that animal stuffed animal in the tree... freaks me out every time I look at the picture... :) Let me know if you can figure out why its there! :)

So there you have it! Pictures of Logan and I where he is actually smiling! :) Here are the other pictures I have from when I met him, in case you haven't seen them before! :)

I've only sold two hairbands so far, so please, if you get a chance go check out my fundraiser and help bring my boy home!!! His mama and I REALLY appreciate it!!! ♥


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