Sunday, October 2, 2011

DS Awareness Walk!

Alrighty! It's Day 2 of the 31 for 21 challenge! As promised, the DS Walk!

Yesterday was our 2nd Annual Local Down Syndrome Awareness Walk! If you follow my mom's blog at all you probably have heard her talking about walk the past few weeks and asking people to join our team! And I would say, by the size of our team, her posts paid off! :) Our team -
Our team! (How much you wanna bet mom will steal this part for her post?? I know she will!)
Back row - Left to right - "Big" Rachel G holding Jonathan, Mrs. Rheann E, me, Mom, Dad hiding behind the balloons holding Elijah, Mr. G, Josh G, Kaitlyn K, Mrs. G, Grandma Eileen B, Anita F, Auntie Debbie (aka Auntie Crackers), and "Big" Rebekah G.
Front row - Left to Right - Alexa E, Andrew E, Erik E, Anna, Isaac, "Little" Rachel in stroller, and Rebekah.
Other pictures from the day -
Rachel, and a foot!
That's who the foot belongs too! Jonathan!

My FAVORITE picture of the day - Left to right - Me, Micah, Lucas, and Rachel!!! ♥ Lucas recently came home from the orphanage I was at last summer where Logan is at! ♥ And this is the first time I've met him! :) I just gotta say, he and his brother are MUCH cuter in person!!! :) You can visit his mama's blog here.
Rachel from Signing Time!!!
Rachel Coleman, Mom, Elijah, Rachel, Rachel, Jonathan, and me!
 The WALK!
"Big" Rachel and Jonathan! 
Our team (kinda) walking!
No wonder it was so cold! We were right on the lake!
And we finished off the day with a performance from Rachel!
So last year, I met Lilya (she was there this year, but I didn't get to see her much... ):) for the first time at the walk, this year I met Lucas, I wonder who I will meet next year! :) I can't wait 'till next year!!

And I can't wait till I can see Lyla at a DS Walk! Maybe that's who I'll see next year!

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  1. I'm so jealous you got to see Lucas! Maybe next year I'll have to come crash your DS Awareness Walk...


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