Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Ovalyn... Forever Found!

Remember when I post about sweet Molly for Waiting Wendesday? How I wanted to name her Ovalyn, but Michelle wanted to name her Molly. Michelle was the one listed her so she won, but I had my revolts. ;) Well, guess what! She is going to be renamed AGAIN! 1 little girl with 4 names!! :)

Why, you wonder? Because she now has a FAMILY!!! Go see for yourself!!! Like Andrea G, I caught wind of this a couple days ago and I've been waiting to share it with ya'll! Recently, I also found another picture of her that one of my teammates took last summer when I was at her orphanage. :)

I just really hope they don't keep her name Molly! LOL I would be soo mad!

I'm so happy for you my little Ovalyn, and I hope Aunt Natalie will be able to see you again and whisper in your ear that you will soon know what it means to be loved! ♥ Love you sweetie!

When will I get to do a post like this for her? This is the 52nd post I've posted about her!!! WHERE is her family???

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  1. so so happy!

    sending youbig hugs as well about ryan! i was devestated! big things afoot for him though over at the flight platform!

    you remain my inspiration xxxxx


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