Thursday, October 27, 2011

PLEASE PRAY for Nathanael!!

Stealing this post from my mama! :)

This precious little boy needs your prayers!!!

Taken in July
Nathanael has a life-threatening condition called hydorcephalus. If Nathanael would have been born in the USA, he would have had surgery to place a shunt to drain the excess fluid on his brain. He most likely would have lived a fairly normal life. But...he was not born here. Many attempts were made from this side of the ocean to get him the life-saving surgery he needed, but these attempts were in vain as he was not "allowed" to have surgery.

His potential adoptive family sped through the dossier prep process to get their paperwork over to his country ASAP. They were then slowed down by the infamous "special needs list". Hydrocephalus wasn't on there. (STILL haven't heard anything about that stinkin list!!) Now, his country is changing things (again) so they face yet another delay.

But recently, his family found out his birth mother has been visiting him. She has already relinquished her rights, but has said she would contest his adoption. WHAT?!?!  So, basically, she will not give him the treatment he needs and won't allow a family to adopt him to give him the surgery he SO desperately needs. He WILL die if he does not have surgery.

Ok, here's where you come in. PLEASE PRAY for the softening of his mother's heart to allow this adoption to happen!!! PLEASE PRAY for his family to be able to get over there ASAP!!! And finally, PLEASE PRAY for Nathanael's health...that he would hang on long enough for his family to get him home safely. Thank you so much. I believe God can and will save his life.

His family's blog is  if you want to stop by and leave them an encouraging note.
Taken in March/April


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