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Whats a Blog-hop and how to link-up!

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Rick and Michelle has left a new comment on your post "3 Different Kinds of DS and Sharing Sunday":

Because I am new to blogging, and I'm sure many others are as well, would you mind explaining what a blog hop is, what those thumbnail size pics are for, and how we can go about adding ours? I've never done it before and didn't understand the instructions for it. Thanks.

Rick and Michelle

I would be happy to explain it! :) A blog hop also called a link up is basically a widget, called a linky, that allows bloggers to add their blog to a list (like at the bottom of my last post). The list can be on multiple sites or may just be on the site of the blogger hosting the hop (in this case, it's on multiple sites, since I copied it from Jane). Link ups allow you to visit other blogs, follow blogs you like, share your posts and gain followers. So you can click on any of the thumbnails and it will take you to someone's blog who linked up.

Jane's 'Forget Me Not Friday' linkup allows others to share the kids they are advocating for, so I add my Waiting Wednesday posts to the link up every Friday. For Jane's Sharing Sunday post, she says you can link up fundraisers, prayer requests, or anything orphan related that you think is worth sharing! So I linked up my Mazing Monday post, my Faithful Friday post, my post asking for prayers for Nathaniel. In the past I've also linked up posts like this one about less orphans in the world! Does that answer your question?? If not comment or email me!

How to link up! Do you want to add your own blog or post to the list? All you have to do is go here to Jane's post, or go to the bottom of my last post  (doesn't matter which), and look for the spot that says "You are next.... Click here to enter". So, you click there to enter! :) Then it will take you to a page, and for step #1, put in your blog address or post address. For step #2, put in the name you want to show up on the list. For example, the first one on this week's list is 'Dear Julia'. Putting your name and email in is optional. Then for step #4, select let me crop my own image, and then click from web. It will take you to a page with pictures from the site link you put in, and you can select one and crop it. Or chose whatever other option you want.

So there you go! Instructions on how to link-up and what a blog hop is! :)

And, I was also informed that Danil who I included a picture of yesterday, does NOT have Mosaic Down Syndrome. This little girl, whoever she is, does though! (Found her on a G**gle search! :) Hahaha, a picture of Danil came up on the first page too!)
Wonder if she knows what a blog hop is! Actually, I wonder if she'll ever know what a family is... :(

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  1. Thank you so much for walking us through that step by step! You are fabulous with giving clear directions! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! It appears my link & thumbnail are now on your previous post.

    Rick and Michelle


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