Saturday, October 22, 2011

come say hi!

first off, sorry for not using  cap letters as im not sure how, and for any spelling errors as im  typing this from my  dads phone  at the farmers market im at today! if you are local (which im pretty sure not

many of you are!) please come out and help bring logan and lilly home! we are at the local farmers martet in *shk*sh, on blocks 400 and 500 on main street (its blocked off) just look for the white tent and brown  sign that says handiwork for orpha ns!

im also very proud of myself that i got up so early :)


  1. I hope it goes well!! You know I'd be there if I could! :) Tell me all about it. Love ya twin!

  2. I bet you are doing awesome!!! You are such an awesome person!!!! Love and hugs friend!! You will do great!!

  3. LOVE that farmers market...can't wait to take Carter in the spring!

    And when I read *shk*sh...all I could think of was shish-kabob. I have no idea why :)

    Can't wait to hear about how you did today...I'd love to set up a table each week - maybe next year?!

  4. Auntie cracker's say:
    I think you are amazing.....and I love you!!!!!! Thanks for all you do for the silent orphans of the world.

  5. Hey Sara, Ive been trying to email you but Im not sure if you are not getting it or what?! A couple other people have said they have had trouble emailing me so can you let me know if you have gotten any of them.

    Thanks Stephanie


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