Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Contest for Bethany!

Remember when I posted for WW about sweet Bethany?? After I did that I joined a blogcontest Kelly put together to get as many people to blog about her as possible. Below is the note from her, but please blog about her ASAP, as tomorrow is the last day you can participate! Don't forget to email Kelly once you are done! :)

HI everyone,

I decided after struggling to post successfully about various orphans, and after inspiration from an RR colleague, I would like to host a BLOG contest.

This interesting contest has a twist to the ongoing advocacy effort, to spread the word about various orphans, who have yet to find their forever families.

Why am I doing this?  Because the power of blogging has been SO powerful to help spread the word and to HELP find homes for orphan children within the RR community/network.

   Here is how the contest is going to work:

1.   A special other angel will be featured every 14 days.  During that time, I am asking for as many people to BLOG about this child (including photo, profile, age, etc.).   The information about the child must be presented within a post, on your blog at some point during the featured time period in order to qualify.  Additionally, various blogs may be further recognized for creativity, innovation, and other interesting blogging techniques, and even may receive additional- interesting prizes!!!
2.   For every person who blogs about this child (the blogger must email me their blog post with the information at to be eligible), and once this has been done, the blogger will be eligible to win a special $50 to $100 gift card, which will be randomly selected at the end of each child's featured blog event.
3.   I will keep a tally of blog entries and announce updates periodically.
4.   A winner will be announced after the featured child’s time!!!   One gift  card per featured child.

For starters, I am dedicating this first contest to dear darling Bethany, who has Brittle Bone disease.  Bethany's blog contest will be from now (October 18, 2011) until November 1, 2011.  (Don’t’ forget to email me your blog post and let’s help advocate for Bethany!!).

December 2006
Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Thanks in advance to everyone who decides to participate in this fun blogging advocacy effort.

You are all free to take any pictures or info from my post about her to use. I also added a few things to that post that I didn't post originally. So join to fun to win some great prizes, and let's find Bethany a FAMILY!

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