Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The things I never want to post about...

There are some things that I never want to post about, and this post is one of them. I should have posted this quite awhile ago, because I've know for quite some time about the 11 horrific little letters that are on my sweet boy's profile (and no, I'm not talking about Logan!). I hope you will take the time to read to the end of this post, and I pray it will inspire you to ACT.

By Sarah B

As Julia paused to decide what to add to her almost complete essay, she thought about her life so far. She didn’t remember much of her early years, but she did remember the day her life changed forever.

Her nannies woke her up much earlier than normal, which surprised her since she was normally on a VERY strict schedule. They fed her extra that morning which also surprised her since normally there was no food to spare, and it was divided equally. Around mid-morning some strange men came in to her grouppa’s room. Some of her nannies started crying and she wondered why. She got several long hugs from the nannies before the strange men hustled her out the door. They took her and several other children, who were waiting outside her door, down the steps. Instead of going down the hallway like she normally did to go outside, they went straight out the front door. The men piled them into the back of a big van, and off they went. She begged the strange men to tell her where they were going, but received no reply. She asked some of the other children, but they just gave her a sad look and turned away. Finally, she gave up and turned to watch the fields of sunflowers roll by.

Several hours later, she woke to find the van pulling up in front of a building. As they got out the sounds of moaning and crying could be heard. She soon found out why. She had been transferred to an institution. A place of no hope. A place of no return. No way out, or so she thought. She sat in a crib all day long with nothing to do. Once a day, maybe twice if she was lucky, a nanny would come and shove a bowl of mush laced with sawdust, down her throat. Night was the same except with no food. With no bathroom, her crib soon reeked, like all the other ones around her already did. She lost weight rapidly and started a common institutional behavior – head banging. She had discovered that if she banged her head against her crib bars that if felt good, so she did it again and again since she had only one other thing to do for stimulation. The other thing was scratching herself. She discovered her favorite place to scratch was behind her ears, and she soon rubbed them raw.

Her crib was in a big room with about 20 other cribs. Each crib was filled with someone older than herself, but some tinier. They all received the same care as her. It scared her that some had no teeth and were old and wrinkled. Would she be stuck here the rest of her life? She often cried silent tears as she thought about the stimulation. She wondered if she would be able to survive until she was old and grey. If only someone would come and rescue her. If only…

She regressed more and more each day and just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, something she dreaded happened. They got her out of her crib and brought her into a small, damp room with little light. As soon as she saw the hair on the floor she knew what they wanted her for. At the orphanage, she had the longest, most beautiful hair in her grouppa. The nannies had loved it and always had hair pretties and bows in it. She loved it too, and now she cringed as it got shaven off. It was all her had left that was hers, how could she part with it? But she had no say in it, and it was useless to fight back.

Several months later she woke up knowing something big would happen today. She has a feeling deep down inside something exciting would happen. She wasn’t sure, but she thought the sun was shining brighter than usual. The morning passed and nothing happened. Shortly after midday she began to lose hope. Today is no different from other days she told herself. As soon as she thought that, the door opened. A nanny came in but she didn’t have the usual bowl of mush with her. She came over to Julia’s crib, and lifted her out by one arm, and carried her out of the room. The nanny brought her into a room, which she later learned was the director’s office. Seated in the office were the director and several nannies. In addition, there was a man and woman who dressed funny and spoke a silly sounding language. They brought a lady with them, who spoke Julia’s language, and the silly language.

The nanny put her on the couch between the two strange people. They spoke to her in her funny language, which frightened her at first, but two words she understood – mama and papa. The lady held her and rocked her back and forth. Then the man did. Love! That was something she hadn’t known since she left the orphanage. The following days were filled with visit from the strange people, and Julia enjoyed every second of it!

Pretty soon a day came when they used words like “daughter”, “forever”, “ours”, and “home”. She later learned that was the day they had court. Then they didn’t come again for what seemed like forever. Julia was heartbroken. The nanny told her mama and papa would come back, but she didn’t believe her.

Then one day the nanny came in and dressed her in some pretty cloths she had never seen before. Then the nanny brought her into the director’s office and who else was waiting for her but Mama and Papa! She was overjoyed! Papa carried her outside, but instead of going to their usual play spot, he brought her straight to a car! He and Mama climbed in with her, and the driver drove away. The thrills of the following days included all she wanted to eat, new pretty clothes, a potty, lots of baths, cars, trains, and airplanes! Not to mention lots of people! Then they finally made it home. Julia remembers that she had a hard time adjusting to her new life. Papa, Mama, and all her new siblings had a hard time adjusting to her being there too. But eventually everybody got into their new groove.

And now! Here she is, finishing up her exams in college and living the life God created her to live! But she can’t help remember the millions who still live in institutions today who won’t have the same happy ending she had. And that is why she is going over to her birth country to become a full time missionary serving in the institution. She’s planning on living her life to serve the least of these who have no hope.


That's why I don't like to post that children are transferred, esp children, I love. While this story is about a little girl named Julia, sweet Ryan has gone through the same thing.... The eleven horrific little letters - TRANSFERRED. Sweet Ryan has been transferred to a place of NO HOPE!

Please share this video and post, or anything about Ryan. And PRAY... PRAY PRAY PRAY for him, PLEASE! He needs a family DESPERATELY!!!! ♥

More to come about fundraisers for him....



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