Sunday, October 9, 2011

Prevost Benefit!!

Remember this sweet family?
Remember my Bob the Builder days when I made the French Boards with Rachel?

 Well yesterday was their benefit to bring home their sweet boy Caleb! ♥ Rachel and I have been very busy making things for it, and it was a HUGE success!!! There was a Craft and Bake Sale from 10-4, and a Spaghetti Dinner from 5-8. We were there all day (12 hours I think!) and we had a blast helping to bring that boy home!
Our table before we set up! :)
After we set up! :)

Rachel and I
Rebekah and Gary! :D
Lil' Miss Spaghetti face!! ♥
I think we sold more things yesterday than we EVER have at a craft sale!!! We kept track and I think we at Handiwork for Caleb, sold a total of $240!! Praise God!!! Over 1/2 of things, sold and we are going to REALLY busy the next two weeks making things for our next craft sale on Oct 22nd!! :)

But the BEST news is.... the Craft Sale and Dinner combined raised over $6,000!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!!! God is moving mountains to get this peanut home! And his family is hoping to travel as soon as January!! YAY!

(♥Everything that didn't sell is still listed on Handiwork for Lilly!!! I spent quite some time today marking things as sold! Please go shop!♥)



  1. Well what do you know - we both have braids, and we're wearing the same shirt! :) That was a great day!!

  2. Awesome job!!! You are such a sweetheart always helping people!!


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