Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 for 21 - Craft Sale!

In my blogging hiatus over the summer, Rachel and I did several craft sales.

We had a tent in our town's yearly celebration festival thingy on July 20/21. It was two LONG hot days, but we made $252!!
Yes, that's Rebekah going under that table... this was the best picture we got.
Then we did the Farmer's Market twice. We made $219 on 7/29, because it was the end of July, but very chilly (we were wearing jeans and sweatshirts and still cold), therefore people bought lots of hats and scarves. And on 8/17, we made $129, probably because it was a bit warmer!

{Can't find a picture, not sure we took one at either sale...}

On 9/14, we did participated in an Applefest sale, making $116!

And today, we participated in the Oktoberfest sale. It was from 9am-5pm (most sales are until 12pm or 1pm), so very long, and I wasn't feeling well, but it's over and we made $176!

Roughly half of this money is going to the Hebbe family to help them bring home their precious boys!
They passed court, so I can finally share these sweet faces!

And the other half, brings me to today's waiting orphan with Down syndrome! Maria!

Rachel and I raising money for this sweet girl with Handiwork for Maria. She has (soon-to-be) over $16,000 in her account! Yes, SIXTEEN GRAND! That's almost all of the costs for a family to adopt her!
You wouldn't have to do much fundraising to go her and she is such a happy, joyful spirit, just waiting for you to go get her. So what are you waiting for??


And I would feature Lilly for the child stuck in Russia, but since I already did, here's a beautiful girl who is in the same region/place as Lilly and also has Down syndrome, a heart condition, and strabismus - Anastasia.
 She also got a new picture the same time as Lilly... doesn't she look great?!?

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  1. Love the Hebbe family, they are adopting from our little boy's orphanage! Have no clue how Maria is still waiting she is such a doll. YAY for successful sales!


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