Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 for 21 - Day 20

So I missed a few days due to being busy, sick, and tired. But, I'm back on track and will finish strong!


Before I get to today's two kids, I want to share about the craft sale Rachel and I did yesterday!
It was a large indoor (yay!) sale at a local school. One of those big ones you have to pay to get into. After a rough start with set up, we did so well, and ended the day with record sales!! We raised $374!! An all time sale record! God is soo good!!


This is beautiful Lanaya! She is 3 years old, has Down syndrome, a heart condition, and described as sweet and friendly.
She loves music, gets along well with other children, and plays with toys appropiately. She doesn't have any words or feed herself yet, but she can stand holding onto something.
She sounds like a sweet love bug who would do great in a family!!


And this is Aisha. Another beautiful girl with a beautiful name. But she is stuck in Russia, because of the adoption ban.

Please pray for her!


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