Monday, October 7, 2013

31 for 21: Days 6 and 7

My brain was much last night. That's my excuse for mission yesterday. lol So doubling up again today!


This is Sloan.

And this is Cain.

They were born the same year, in fact just a month apart.

And they both have Down syndrome.

They are both orphans who need families.

The difference is Sloan is in Asia, and Cain is in Russia.

Which means Sloan is able to have a family, but Cain is not adoptable.

And this is Timothy.

And this is Elden.

Also both born in the same year, one in February and one in May.

Both have Down syndrome, and both are orphans.

But one thing is different. The same thing as Sloan and Cain.

They are in different countries. One in Asia, one in Russia.

Which makes Timothy available to be adopted, and Elden unavailable.

Please pray for Sloan and Timothy to find families.

And for Cain and Elden to be taken care of if they can't have a family. ♥

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