Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 for 21 - Here we go!

It's that time of year again! October is Down Syndrome Awareness month!

Which means it's the month for 31 for 21, a campaign to blog 31 days of the month, for Down syndrome or the 21st chromosome.

I've done several things for 31 for 21 in the past, informational posts on Down syndrome, and even just blogging every day, not necessarily about Down syndrome. This year I'm going to do something different.

I'm going to blog pictures and a little bit of info for 2 children every day. One is a waiting child with Down syndrome who needs a family, the other is also a waiting child, but who is stuck in Russia because of the adoption ban, as a reminder to pray for the ban to be lifted.

We can NOT forget the children stuck in Russia, and we need to do all we can for the ones we can still save!

Sound good?


Today's waiting child is Brett!
Brett has such a sad story, such a sad start in life. I posted his story and more about him HERE.


And the orphan stuck in Russia I'm sharing with you today is Lilly.
You've probably seen her face before. She's on the header of this blog, and Rachel and I spent a lot of time fundraising and advocating for her over at Handiwork for Orphans.

We haven't had an updated picture of her for over 2.5+ years, and we didn't know how she was doing or if she was still alive.

Needless to say we were weeping with joy (literally) the other night when Rachel found an recent picture of her!!
Doesn't she look AMAZING?!?! He hair isn't shaved, and she has bangs, so it wasn't just put up for the picture, it is taken care of. And she looks stocky (a good thing, as it's better than starving!!), and her arms are pretty round.

No, it's not a good picture, and no she's not looking at the camera, but we are SO GRATEFUL to have it! She is alive and doing well!

Now we have to keep praying to get that ban lifted so she can come HOME!


Happy October!

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