Friday, October 11, 2013

31 for 21 - Day 11

Alrighty, long and busy day here, but these kids need to be shouted for, no matter if I feel like blogging or not!

There's a country in Eastern Europe that has orphans that need families, but, I haven't advocated for any of them here! Until now! Meet Laura!
Isn't she beautiful? With her gorgeous dark brown eyes, and her hair that looks like it's well taken care of.

Here's a blurb from someone who met her recently - Laura is healthy and joyful as usual.   She is very active and affectionate.  She can entertain herself but likes attention very much.  She does not walk yet, but is able to climb up the couch or on the chair or back to the floor.  She does not say any words yet.   She enjoys listening to music, rocks back and forth to the beat.  She has a good appetite!  Laura has a best friend in her orphanage and likes to play on her own or with him most of the time.  Laura is in a bilingual orphanage, one of which is English, so she is used to hearing English and her native language. We have updated photos available upon request!

Did you see that??? Her orphanage is bilingual! She's used to hearing English! 

She sounds like she's doing okay, but needs a family to help her thrive!!


This is Vincent. I've advocated for him before here.
Except now he's stuck in Russia. He's in a good region, but he still should be in a family instead.

Here's his new picture. Sweet love!
 And because he's so cute and I want you to remember to pray for him, here's his baby picture. ♥

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