Monday, October 14, 2013

31 for 21 - 2 years later.

I posted the following post two years ago this month.... when I originally posted it, all the kids were waiting. When I reposted it last year, I updated on who had a family and who didn't. This year I am going to re-update it!

The pictures from the original post are put with the Down Syndrome Creed, a poem that is so very beauitufl and inspiring.

My face may be different
Jimmy - Still waiting, has a family working to commit to him.
But my feelings the same
Tabitha - Had a family working to get her before Russia shut down.
I laugh and I cry
Mark - still waiting.
And I take pride in my gains
Brigita - HOME!
I was sent here among you
Rebekah - Stuck in Russia
To teach you to love
Lilly - Had a family ready to commit to her before Russia shutdown.
As God in the heavens
Lizzy - Had a mama working to get her before Russia shutdown. 
Looks down from above
Ilya - Stuck in Russia.
To Him I'm no different
Maxim - HOME!
His love knows no bounds
Lyla - HOME!!!
It's those here among you
Dennis - Has a family working to bring him home!
In cities and towns
Timofey - Stuck in Russia.
That judge me by standards
Robert - HOME!
That man has imparted
Chandler - HOME!
But this family I've chosen
Tory - Stuck in Russia.
Will help me get started
Orion - HOME!
For I'm one of the children
Jonathan - Stuck in Russia.
So special and few
Meredith - her family is working to get her!
That came here to learn
Lucy - HOME!
The same lessons as you
Artem K - Had a family working to get him before Russia closed.
That love is acceptance
Vika - Status unknown. She's most likely stuck in Russia.
It must come from the heart
Tanya - Stuck in Russia.
We all have the same purpose
Nadine - HOME with her family - adopted domestically.
Though not the same start
Alice - HOME! (Look at her new picture here!)
The Lord gave me life
Margurete - HOME!
To live and embrace
Cyril K - Stuck in Russia.
And I'll do it as you do
Bobby - Still waiting.
But at my own pace
Robyn - Stuck in Russia.
(Down Syndrome Creed)


So there we are. 

Out of the 28 children in that post...
-10 are HOME!
-3 have families working to get them!
-2 children are still available and waiting for a family - Mark and Bobby.

-And 13 children are still stuck in Russia. Keep praying for them!
Tabitha, Rebekah, Lilly, Lizzy, Ilya, Timofey, Tori, Jonathan, Artem, Vika, Tanya, Cyril K, and Robyn.


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