Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 for 21 - Day 2

Today there are two precious girls I want to share. One available for adoption, and one stuck in Russia waiting for the ban to be lifted so she can find a family. Both have Down syndrome.


Isabelle is just waiting for her family to find her. She is a Valentine baby, and already 11. :(
She knows her name, she is a happy girl, she knows how to follow directions, she makes friends and plays with them, she is playful, she interacts well, she loves music, she can walk, she can eat by herself, and is learning to get dressed by herself!
Sweet girl needs a family so badly, could you be her family?


And Ellie needs a family, but can't be adopted by Americans right now.
She will turn 9 next month, and here's a little about her.

"Ellie is an adorable brunette girl.  She has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, with mild mental delays without behavioral impact.  She is said to be a good girl.  She is a kind, affectionate and lively girl.  She loves to play and draw.  She does not speak, but understands what is spoken to her.  She would surely make an excellent addition to a loving family."

Please pray a Russian or Canadian family finds her and chooses to make her part of their family!


  1. I've seen recent pictures of Isabelle, she is so tiny, almost looks tinier than her last picture :(

    1. They were both taken March 2012, but yes, she is very tiny. :(


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