Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 for 21 - Day 8

Okay. So, there is this little boy, who is so stinking cute. He is in a commonly adopted from country, and did I mention he's adorable?

He has Down syndrome, is an orphan, and needs a family. You know, the usual. But he's so cute!

I'm usually not one to gush over kids, but him... Oh my.

His name is Joshua.

Here's his baby picture.
I know, cute and squishy!

But here's the adorable picture.
Can you believe he doesn't have a family yet? I can't, but it's true!

Why on earth hasn't he been scooped up?

Are you gonna be the one to scoop him up??


And then there is this beauty.
Her picture isn't as cute as Joshua (though I'm sure if you put them side by side IRL, they would be equally cute!), but she's still adorable and beautiful!

Her name is Lyla (just like this Lyla!), and unlike Joshua, she can't be adopted.

Her country is holding her captive. Not letting any family adopt her.

Because of politics.

How cruel is that?
Please pray for her. And pray that God would change the hearts of the leaders in her country.

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  1. Love this guy, he has captured my heart strings & so glad to be his Christmas warrior. Praying for this little girl & the others stuck. I'm doing a day long prayer event on my blog/fb Oct 20-21. Feel free to join in praying.


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