Friday, December 21, 2012

God's Bigger Plan

God does indeed know what's best. Though we can not always see the whole plan, He does, and I saw a small example of that today. Ha... why did I actually think I was going to go home today? :)

The morning started early, the kids still had no idea mom was home. Dad had them all sit on the couch, and told them to close their eyes. Then he brought Mom out of of their room. It took them a few seconds for it to sink in who was here, but they were so excited! 

And then, a half hour later, I had to say my goodbyes. Then James I went to the hospital to say goodbye to Ralph. I managed to get through goodbyes without crying. Then off to the airport.

Turns out someone goofed somewhere along the line, and I wasn't on that flight, nor could I get out at all today.

God had it under control and wanted me to stay another day.

We headed over to the doctors office where Mommy had Theo. We got there just as they were requesting a bed for him over at the hospital. For the same reason as his brother. So off to the hospital. I walked Ralph around and around and around the hospital floor pushing his car and pulling his o2. Good exercise. ;P

Unfortunately, even though they just got Ralph and Theo moved into together, sometime in the next day, Ralph will be moved to Kansas City where they can care for him better.
Ralph and I today when we stopped by to say goodbye.
Tonight, I spent more time with the kids (it felt weird being back after I had already mentally left), and got to love on them a little bit more. I struggled to hold it together saying goodbye to them (I'll be gone long before they get up), and managed to wait till they were all in bed. My heart hurts to leave them and say goodbye, I'm going to miss them all soo soo much! Saying goodbye for the second time today just stunk.

So apparently God had more for me to do here today. :) I'm leaving not-so-bright, and EARLY tomorrow morning and hopefully this flight works! I have the boarding pass, so as long as it's not cancelled. I'll be home sometime before noon tomorrow, Lord willing.

So prayer requests for today:

  • Ralph and Theo, for complete healing and comfort while they are away from home and sick
  • Daddy, Mommy, Richie, Chipper, Grandma, and whoever else will be with the boys or the kids at home here in the next week
  • The rest of the kids, as Ralph (and whoever is with him) won't be home for Christmas
  • My flight tomorrow and safe travels too and from O'hare (3 hours... yikes)
Thank you friends!

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