Thursday, December 20, 2012


PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for Miss Selah and her family! She went downhill today.. :(


The kids were excited to wake up this morning and find snow on the ground! I was like "ya whatever, this amount of snow is nothing", but I guess it is for here! :)

We ended up going outside to play... it ended up 10 minutes at most, not counting the 45 minutes it took to get everyone ready. 

Have you ever tried to get everyone ready to go outside for the first time that winter (aka all the hats, mittens, and boots) in a house that you have no idea where any of it is?? Not the easiest. ;)
What we woke up to... 
Zhen took his mittens off and refused to put them back on, and started crying because his hands were cold... so he stayed outside 3 minutes before he went back in....
Of course I had to take some pictures to blog first of him outside. ;) Bad babysitter I am.
Ruby... adorable as ever.
Ruby and I... yes, I went outside in my PJ bottoms. Don't judge, they are warmer than any pants I have with me! I was feeling very fashionable.
Then Ruby decided something wasn't right (don't even remember what it was... something silly of course) so she went back in too.
This kid may seem gentle, but he throws a mean snowball!! Love him!
And the only picture I got of Rose.... I am seriously going to miss these kids sooo very much!!!
Theo stayed inside and Thomas gave him his breathing treatment... the two oldest boys were sleeping. Ahem. Ohh well, they'll have to get up and help tomorrow when I'm gone.

The kids will have surprise tomorrow when they wake up!! Yes, Mama is gonna be here in a couple hours!! They have no clue. They still think she might not be home until after Christmas. Soo excited to see the looks on their faces!

Ralph and Theo are about the same today. Not much new with them...

Prayers would also be appreciated for a ok flight for me tomorrow... I'm nervous as I'm very light headed and out of breath today (I would guess I should be on o2 as well, but that's obviously not optional right now), plus the weather doesn't help things. Safe travels for my mom as she drives down to O'Hare and as us and our fellow passenger drive back would be appreciated too!

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  1. Bahaha! This happened to me in PA! We had beautiful weather and then we woke up one morning and it was COLD. And I couldn't find anything warm. So it was like "Here, wear another sweater." ;) Good times. Have a safe trip home! I understand what you are feeling leaving. Excited to go home, see your family and SLEEP. But sad to leave. It's such a strange balance. Let us know when you get home safely!


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