Friday, December 7, 2012

Maxim and Adam

After 8 long years of waiting, Maxim met his mama today.
Thank you Jesus!! He is as adorable as ever and the his siblings can't wait to meet him! I am soo THRILLED he is finally going to come home to his family!!

He will be loved and cherished. He will be redeemed.

Read more about him here on Stephanie's blog.


Do you know who this is?? It's Adam.
He has a wonderful family who is working so hard to bring him home. Do you know who his family is? They are the same family who tried to bring my sweet Logan home!

Because they can't proceed with the adoption of Logan, they are working to bring sweet Adam home from a terrible institution. He is 5 years old and less than 17 pounds. He has hydrocephalus  and need medical care urgently.

Right there is a Hidden Treasures Auction going on for him. There are only a few hours left, please go and bid on some items to help bring him home! And you can visit his mama's blog right here!

Thank you!

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