Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweet Theo....

Though being sick still, sweet Theo still manages to melt my heart with his precious smile and laugh.
I've found if I braid my hair, he doesn't pull it, he just tickles himself with it. :)

Speaking of being sick... there are only a few of the 11 of us here who are NOT sick with a fever, bad cough, sore throat, sinus stuff, etc... :( Prayers for health would be appreciated. I'm just soo very grateful it's not the flu, because the Dad does throw up just as well as I do. ;)

Also, please pray for Stephanie, that she would make the right decision whether to stay and miss Christmas, or come home and go back for a much longer time in January. Read more on her blog in this post.

Thank you for your prayers!!

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  1. How sweet! He's so sweet.

    Praying for all of you there - for God's healing touch and strength! Love you!


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