Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prayer Request....

Today (actually yesterday (Monday), since it's after midnight) James (who has the title of Dad around here) and I spent most of the day at the sitting doctor or the hospital. Good times... not.

The quick version is both Ralph and Theo are pretty sick, and Ralph is on the hospital at least overnight.

Long version: Theo had an appt first, and had a couple things he was tested for, most which came back negative. I don't think we have an official diagnosis on him, since his crest xray later on in the day got canceled due to being with Ralph elsewhere (keep reading). He has a fever going on day 7 or 8 now, a terrible cough, and his o2 sats are a bit low, but they stayed level after his breathing treatment, so he is home for now, with breathing treatments every 4 hours.

Ralph had an appt later on, with the same syntoms as Theo, but his o2 sats dropped after his breathing treatment, so not taking any chances with his history or pulmonary hypertension, he is now in the hospital overnight. I just got an update, and currently he is not holding his sats of 4 liters of oxygen. He probably has viral bronchitis or pneumonia.

He also can reinfect himself, with everything that goes in his mouth including fingers. So that explains why everyone got sick with the same things to quick. :( I think I will declare tomorrow cleaning day..... (Did I mention everyone is on Christmas break??)

PLEASE pray for healing for these two, and that no one else gets it this bad! And pray for Stephanie, who can't be with her babies when they are sick, and for James, who is understandably a bit stressed taking care of all the stuff Mom usually does. Thank you for your prayers!!!


  1. You know I'm praying! Praying for your protection too.


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