Thursday, December 6, 2012

the little things...

It's the little things like... adorable pic with Ralph,
...Ruby showing me the bus book that we have read 50 times in the past few days,
...a little stinker pretending to sleep on my bed,
...a concert with Ruby in undies and two hats,
...Ralphie playing with his trucks,
...a bird Ralphie spotted, "A" Ralphie found in the sky while waiting for the bus (do you see it??),
...Theo's adorable rare smile that is soo worth doing anything to see,

...watching Ralph play 'Sam the Fireman',
...finding 20 pictures on my camera of the room I'm staying in and a certain someone's leg, and realizing that the door to my room somehow got left open and I had my camera on my bed (Mr. Ralph, do you have anything to say about that?),

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...baking pumpkin muffins with Rose and Ruby and watching Ruby trying to get her mouth around the circumference,
...watching Rose and Ruby pose with their foil flowers,
...trying to take a pic of Theo that's not blurry because he loves the camera,
...trying to remember Zhen was being naughty when he flashes this killer smile,
...trying to get a good picture of us when Theo isn't staying away from the camera,
...and so much more that make me smile and remember to make happy memories and count my blessing even on when I struggle.

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