Friday, December 14, 2012

More fun than a bucket of beans!

What, do you ask, is more fun that a bucket of beans?? A bucket of beans with 5 kids playing with it!
Mr. Ralphie... affectionately called Wreck-it-Ralph. ;)

Ruby - pretty princess!
Didn't get any pictures of this little man in the bucket, but he loved it too! Theo was home sick for the 3rd day in a row today with a fever. Poor baby.

You know what's a lot less fun than a bucket of beans?? Cleaning them up. :P I can assure you that  it was a lot messier than these pictures appear.

My camera is no longer MIA, so I had to take pictures to blog today. :)

Tonight a couple of us older kids and Dad went to see The Hobbit. Great movie! Not my favorite ever, but it was still good. Now I need to write 'see a popular movie on opening day' on my bucket list so I can cross it off. The line wasn't too bad, but who am I kidding? I don't even have a bucket list. ;)

Good night friends!


  1. So, you were supposed to spread a king sized sheet out under the bean box. No one suggested that?? :) I hope you had a bean pick up crew to help you.

  2. Ralph is hilarious!!! Looks like fun - at someone else's house. LOL I bet that sheet would have helped. Hopefully whoever brought up the idea but forgot the sheet helped you pick up. :-)


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