Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not much has changed here... 

Ralph is still in the hospital, his sats drop into the 80's whenever his mask comes off. I guess he is supposed to get worse before he gets better. Right now we are looking at possibly Saturday for his release, but depends how he does over the next day or so. His history of pulmonary hypertension makes it all so much more complicated.

Theo has a diagnosis now - pneumonia. He is still home, on breathing treatments every 4 hours and on antibiotics. He is still feeling pretty miserable. Last night, he had a fever of almost 105, and after meds was cool before he fell asleep. Today he's been pretty steady at about 101. This is what he looks like most of the day:
He's not a fan of his breathing treatments, but he's slowing getting used to them....

Dad (James) is very tired after being with Ralph all night at the hospital the past few days. Please pray that the little sleep he gets is very restful, and God would sustain him and give him strength and endurance.

Mom (Stephanie) is going to try and come home tomorrow (shh don't tell the kids!) and be here Friday morning, but at this point it's not looking like she's going to be on time due to all the snow in Chicago. Please pray her flights are on time, she has no troubles with the whether, and for her hurting heart away from her sick babies until she gets home.

The oldest 2 boys and I are not feeling 100% (lack of sleep isn't helping much, silly breathing treatments), but hanging in there between watching the kids and spending some time with Ralph to give Dad a break.

The rest of the younger kids are healthy for the most part, just a little tired and cranky today. ;)

I was scheduled to fly home in about 6 hours, but because of the weather all the flight from here into Chicago are cancelled tomorrow, I'm staying here another day and now going home until Friday. Not a big deal, I'm glad to be here another day esp with all that's going on. (We would have originally schedules my flights for sometime this weekend, but prices were a lot higher! :P)

PLEASE PLEASE keep praying for Ralph!! Prayers for Theo, Dad, Mom, and the rest of us would also be appreciated too!

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