Monday, December 10, 2012

What's going on here.

Rose asked me today why I had blue under my eyes. Wondering myself I went to the bathroom to look, thinking it was marker or something. Nope. Not marker. Just dark circles from being tired. :)

I'll admit, during the day I often do feel like doing this...
He wanted cake. I told him no. Mr Stubborn refused to get up from the table because he still thought he would get some. :) I turned around a couple minutes later to find this. Being a good blogger, I of course took a picture before carrying him to bed.
I'm finding out sleep is over rated when you're a mother, or in my case, the fill-in mother. :)

In other news... things are going well here for the most part. 
~The weekend is over. 
~Day 1 of the school week down. 
~Didn't miss any buses. 
~Ruby is sick, with a fever on and off. 
~Theo isn't feeling the best, and had a really bad diaper day. He's has only had about 5 baths in the past few days. 
~I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Wouldn't be a proper trip for me without getting sick! Actually come to think of it, I didn't get sick in DC, but that's the only trip I can think of that I didn't. ;)
~Ruby swallowed a hard candy she got from Grandma on was only a few seconds before I got her to cough it up, but she did start turning purplish blue. Soo scary!!
~Dishes and laundry are usually done, though it's a never ending job for 11 people!!
~The house is still standing.
~They got a fair amount of snow yesterday at home. It was really weird to watch it on TV (Packer game, we are fairly close to Green Bay). No snow here, but it was 12 degrees this morning when I got the kids on the bus. Glad I brought my winter coat!
~I'm excited I get to cook lasagna tomorrow.
~I need to stop listing off random things to make my list longer.

We're hanging in there, I'm tired, but I'm loving these kids, and I'm soo thankful for this experience no matter how hard it may be at times!


  1. Yep, sleep is over-rated! :-)

    Praying for you Honey!

  2. Sarah, you are a rockstar fill-in-mommy. I would have panicked if Ruby was turning bluish-purple and I am a nurse! I am also impressed by the not missing any buses. That is quite an accomplishment. Get some rest when possible!

  3. Sarah, thanks for your help and care. I cannot imagine what we would have done without you!


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