Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ganderbach Twins!

Have I mentioned how much I love this girl???
Rach and Jonathan at the Ds Awareness walk in Oct. :)
Seriously, she is soo awesome! 

She is my best friend and we can often be found crocheting, scheming new projects and ideas, or brewing up trouble. :) I wanted to wait to post this until I got this post up about the Block Party, since it will make a little more sense. But do you want to see our latest crafting project? Well even if you don't want to, you get too. ;)
Looks great, doesn't it?!? I assure you... it's still in progress here.

And here is the finished project!!!!

Remember in this post I mentioned about building cars for the AWANA Grand Prix?? Well, Rach and I made our own car! A Block Party car! We left the wood as a block, sanded it a little, painted it white, and made a bunch of little squares with thread (58 to be exact).Then we sewed them into a "blanket" or covering for our car!!! It was slow and tedious work, and we definitely are NOT doing it again (or making any doilies anytime soon!), but I think we were happy with how it turned out!

The Grand Prix race was on Saturday. It didn't win any prizes for speed (some glue got in one of the axles), or any prizes for design (my sib's Angry Bird car got that), but we had fun racing it. :) We also had fun chuckling at how everyone knew exactly which one was our car!! LOL Guess it was kinda obvious. Here's my sibling's Angry Bird car:
We got the pigs and bird from Rachel and Faith at Crafts for Orphans!!! They looked so real, and were only $1 each! Great job girls! Oh, and it was our fault not theirs that one pig is missing a ear!
My dad made a geeky program this year for the race, which I will admit, was actually pretty neat. They figured it out so that for each race, it will come up with a picture of the person's car, their car, and their verse. About the verse- they used verses for the car numbers this year, for example, Jeremiah 29:11 would become car #2911. Our verse was 1 Peter 4:10, which I posted the other day.

1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 

 Well, our number kinda got goofed, I think because I told Dad the wrong address, 1 Peter 2:10 instead of 4:10. We couldn't change our car number, but Dad did change the verse on the screen.
And anyways, about the program. Because Rach and I were doing a car together, and we had different last names, and the box wasn't long enough to have 2 different last names, we became "Rachel and Sarah Ganderbach"! A mixture of both of our last names. :)

So since then, everyone has been calling us the Ganderbach twins! People often get our names mixed up, probably because we are so often seen together, wear the same shirts on most occasions (we have like almost 10 matching shirts!!!), and look a little alike. :)

I love the saying "I smile because you're my sister, and I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!" And that's soo true for Rach and me, cause we are "sisters"! :)
Yes, I know I look REALLY tired... I was! I blame Rach for keeping me up the night before! :) Though I have to admit, it was me that wouldn't stop talking... hehe
Some other things we did on Saturday were make hats for this family to take back their son's orphanage, and go for a long walk in the wood and take a lot of pictures.

X marks the spot!

And get this.... Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, we live in WI (not Flordia, so it supposed to be COLD in March), it got over 80 degrees F, and I GOT SUNBURNED!!!! Not very bad, but still! It's crazy!

Have I mentioned this is the same awesome Rachel who does Handiwork for Lilly with me??
And the same one who helps me with the Block Party??
And the one who crochets crazy things with me like hot pink and black neck ties, and lightsabers?? (I also got her hooked on Star Wars... but that's a whole different post!)
And is always there to listen to my rambling and complaining??
And the one who advocates endlessly for orphans and has a heart for the least of these??
And who loves Jesus??
And is a great BEST friend??

Yup, she's pretty awesome! Love ya girl!
The Ganderbach Twins! See? Same shirts! :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!! Love it!

  2. Love it. Yep, she's pretty great.

    Ganderbach....hilarious. Your adorable. Star Wars...makes me laugh. Rachel talking all night...almost unbelievable.

    Your friendship....made in heaven!!

    Love you both, girls!

  3. What do you know, Jonathan isn't crying or desperately trying to get away from me in the first pic! ;P Love you SO much sister!!!


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