Sunday, March 18, 2012

No more tears!

UPDATE: Mark lost his family.... :( Please visit his profile here!

5 years old.
One of the first faces that broke my heart when I first started looking at Reece's Rainbow.
One of my first Waiting Wednesday children.
One of the many children with only one picture to show their beauty.
But his only picture is of him crying.
More people want to adopt children who have lots of smiley pictures and are cute then children who have only one sad picture like him.
A child with Down syndrome, who is shunned by society.
A little boy who has waited all his life for a family.
But recently, someone was browsing the many children listed on Reece's Rainbow and came across his sad little face. And they couldn't get him out of their head. And they finally decided they needed to be his family to bring him home. To bring home the little boy no one else wanted. Bring Mark home.
And they stepped out in faith. And now Mark has a family who loves him and wants him home badly! Praising God here in WI for his goodness! And His love for Mark! Thank you Jesus!!!
The little boy with tears in his eyes.
Who will soon have no reason to cry anymore tears of sadness because he will finally know what it means to be LOVED.
No more tears for him!
A soon to be former orphan, now chosen and loved.


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