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Waiting Wednesday: Bobby

Recently my friend Jane, who hosts the Forget Me Not Friday and Sharing Sunday link-ups, was blessed with the opportunity to visit an orphanage in and a remote institution in EE. One of the main reasons for going was to meet Bobby, a child she has been advocating for. He is still waiting for a family, and is a precious boy!!!


Guardian Angel Boy, Born February 2004

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, mental delay, secondary cardiopathy,  was born with partial  optic atrophy of both eyes, bronchopulmonary  dysplasia.   Unable to walk.  We have had several successful adoptions from this institution, and this region often waives the 10 day waiting period.  Married couples only, no family size or parent age restrictions.   Families should be HS approved (or nearly so) prior to committing for Bobby.

From a missionary who visited with him in March 2012:  Bobby was simply beautiful! Quieter than the other children who became quite intense trying to get attention, Bobby sat back and watched. His eyes that are most striking…they are like dark brown pools and theyare very knowing. I pulled him into my lap and our eyes connected, there is real potential within his eyes. He smiled, i just wanted to carry him out…this gentle soul with the slow curving smile…happy to be pulled into my lap and rocked and cuddled and spoken to in a language that he couldn’t understand. I loved him…he would be a wonderful son for somebody! He couldn’t walk at all but moved himself around independently on his knees. His face was a yellowish color that was alarming and may possibly hint at other issues. He really needs to find a family soon.
$630.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Jane has given me permission to repost her post about when she met him. Please take the time to read through it and go visit Jane over @ Flight Platform Living. Jane's posts are so moving, and often make me cry, yet she doesn't use big or fancy words! She truly is an amazing woman with a humongous heart for the least of these!


Finding Bobby.
One last hope, that was all I had and it was held within this stark building in front of me. One last door to enter, one last staircase to climb. Where was Bobby? I prayed he had not become lost within this country's system of warehoused children. I prayed he was inside this final building.

I climbed the staircase reeling against the stagnant putrid air I couldn't breath! 

At the top a single child sat rocking, holding onto the carpet as if to keep himself grounded. His moaning cut into me, actually physically painful to hear! An empty swing stood opposite, mocking this lone figure, with its colourful whispers of the childhood fun he was missing.

We turned left and walked to a room crammed with children. Two caregivers sat amongst them, everybody looked up. One child immediately threw himself on the floor crying, obviously fearful, others became excited, jumping up, their  rocking becoming quicker. I scanned the tiny faces before me. No Bobby! My heart sank.

And then a small, quiet child, lying face down on the floor near to me slowly turned and pulled himself to kneeling. I caught my breath, my heart literally tumbled from my mouth. Bobby! I had found him!

After all those desperate rooms, after all those longing faces, at last here I stood peering into the deep brown eyes of the child I was searching for. He looked directly into my eyes and held my gaze, our souls connected. His lips turned slowly into the hint of a smile and his knowing eyes became windows onto the potential little boy he could become.

He was tiny, so much tinier than I had imagined. He looked even smaller than his old pictures, now three years out of date! His face a terrible shade of sickly yellow made me fearful. 'He is not a good colour!', Albert commented. Oh sweet boy, please don't get sick, please hold on!

Bobby dragged himself into the hallway as I became swamped by the other more boisterous children. Each one deserving of cuddles, each one stealing my heart, wanting my hand, my lap, my time, my love. It was intense.

Eventually I extracted myself and managed to return to Bobby. And then I did what I had wanted to do for a long time, I knelt down and swooped him into my arms. I turned him round in my lap so I could look into those beautiful brown pools. I held him tight and smiled.

''I've travelled around the world to find you beautiful boy''

He stared into my eyes as I tried not to cry and  kissed him. He smiled again.

''I'm looking for your Mama sweet boy. I'm looking so hard for her, you hold on now!'' He smiled once more.

I cuddled him for too short a time, I wanted to stay, I wanted to stay holding this gentle, quiet child with the deep brown eyes.

''Jesus, keep him safe, keep him well, help his Mama find him, let him know I see him and love him''

I rocked him, but all too soon he was taken from me. It was time for him to eat along with all the other children he shares this life with. All strapped into chairs, waiting...waiting...waiting.

I wanted to stay and take him out into the fresh air to let him breath. I wanted to stare into those amazing eyes a little longer but it was my time to leave. I had found this beautiful child at the point of my own departure. But i had found him!

I had found Bobby. Now just to find his Mama!

To visit Bobby's Reece's Rainbow profile page click here. You can also donate into his adoption fund on this page to help a family raise the ransom needed to save this child. If you think you may be his Mama please contact  Reece's Rainbow and do not hesitate to contact me for any information I can give you. Please also share this post and Bobby's face to help me find his mama!
(Please note that while Bobby is available for adoption we do not know about the other children in the pictures.) 

Remember... only a few days left for the art giveaway for Bobby and Constance! $100's worth of original art...SO FAR ONLY two entries received!!!

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