Saturday, March 10, 2012

Faith, Hope, and LOVE!

Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Tonight I found out my sweet Lyla (Lilianna on RR) no long has a family coming for her. Some of you had already heard this, since I got a lot of hits today on my Waiting Wednesday posts about her, and the Faithful Friday post I did about the family that was going to adopt her.

I honestly don't know what to say or feel right now. I know I'm heartbroken. I know I'm upset. I know I can't write an elaborate post like I did when Logan lost his family, because there aren't many details. I know that I'm going to start posting her face in every post again and will do so until she finds a family!! I also know that Lyla needs a family to step forward NOW!!!

Like sweet Summer said in her post PLEASE GOD!!, "Lyla is a fighter no doubt, but how long can her little body hold on!?!?!" Lyla love is weak and frail and her heart needs to be fixed. She has already been un-adoptable due to being in the hospital and being VERY sick. But she held on!! She clung onto life when she had no reason too. After all, when she got out of the hospital, what was she going to go "home" too? Her crib, almost no toys, little food, other children also in cribs, nothing to do! Is that something you would want to go back too??

But she held on to hope!! She had HOPE that she might get a family someday, and HOPE that life could be better then what it was for her. But nothing has changed. She got better, and went right back to that stinky orphanage. And now she doesn't even have a family working to get her! But she is still hanging onto life because she has HOPE!

But there are many, many people who LOVE her!

God LOVEs sweet Lyla, and he has a plan for her life!! LOVE is what will find her a family, and only LOVE is what will bring her home!!

Yes, Lyla lost her family, yes I'm upset, but I have FAITH that God has a plan for her life. I have FAITH a family will step up and bring her home just in time. I have FAITH they will have all the finances they need to bring her home! I have FAITH that we serve a big God and he will provide everything!

I have FAITH that mountains will move for Lyla!

I know there are many of you who LOVE Lyla, so I need your help. I need you to have FAITH with me that there still is HOPE for this sweet princess!

I need you to do 3 things. You know the drill. I need you to PRAY, SHARE and DONATE! Do it because you LOVE Lyla. Do it for her!

Pray that a family will be FAITHful and step up ASAP. Pray that she will have HOPE and survive until they get to her. Share her face and her urgent need of a family EVERYWHERE! And donate to her account if you are able to! Help move that mountain!!

THANK YOU on behalf of Lyla for all you are going to do for her!!!

FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE will remain forever, but the greatest of these is LOVE!!

LOVE Lyla with me! Please!


Girl, born November 2009
Oh, gosh, would you look at how’s she grown!  She is SO beautiful!
Lilianna survived!!   She had an adoptive family previously, but they were not permitted to adopt her at the time because she was in the hospital and not expected to live.  But she DID!  We are thrilled she is healthy enough to be relisted!
Sweet little Lilianna has a congenital heart defect (ASD and VSD) and possible pulmonary issues. She is also missing her left forearm entirely.  DS Q90,Q21.1,Q21.0,Q70,K43.9, F82.0   Lilianna has bright blue eyes and needs a family right away.  We have many pictures of her!
Lilianna is running out of time!! She needs a family ASAP!!! 

$5233.03 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


  1. Beautiful post, Sarah! Her family has to be out there somewhere!

  2. I'm so sorry! I was so sad for this sweet baby when I heard the news! Ugh. Hopefully another family will be able to go get her SOON!

  3. Praying like crazy for this sweet girl!!


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