Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love Multiplied

Once upon a time, in a far away land, on a chilly day in November (2009), a princess was born. Not just any princess, an extra special princess.
This princess was the most stunning of little princesses but her land was not fit for the life of a princess, this land was only accepting of those of ordinary nature. Miss Lilianna was made to be treated as royalty but sadly when she was born no one recognized the gift that she was, the savior she would be.
Princess Lilianna was shunned from her land and sent to live out her life in a dungeon, bound to a life sentence. He wouldn't allow it, He knew that she was meant for great things. While living surviving life in this dungeon her body grew weak, her heart broken and burdened, but little did she know halfway across the world there was a queen, her heart equally broken and burdened and yet at the same time bursting with warmth and love. A warm spring day in May (2010) a queen was falling in love with Princess Lilianna and before long the world would learn the story of this precious treasure that had been found. There would be a royal ball and plenty of celebration fit for a princess, fitting for Princess Lilianna.
A king and a queen, and their princes and princess' too, what more could royalty want than another princess like you? They called out the troops and declared, "Let this battle begin!" and no better of dates than June two thousand and ten! They trudged through the trenches and pushed through the paperwork and then it happened....

They received a call like no other, Princess Lyla was very sick, she wasn't expected to survive and they would no longer be able to rescue her from her dungeon. Grief stricken they were faced with the toughest of decisions, what to you do when your princess cannot come home to you?

The answer was clear, they had another princess very dear to their hearts who was ready and waiting to leave her dungeon. They boarded the plane, slayed the dragon, and freed Princess Belle from life lived survived in the dungeon. Belle was rescued and brought to a world where life as a princess was her new norm. She is loved and adored and doted on like every princess should be! Their hearts broke that Princess Lyla was still stuck in that horrible place but knew that saving Princess Belle was something they could do to honor Princess Lyla.

The king and queen would call to the troops about Princess Lyla as soon as they arrived back in their land, just to find out she was still a very sick little girl with no chance of survival. The king and queen did the hardest thing they've ever had to do, they said goodbye to the daughter of their heart. They felt their journey was not yet over, they felt led to once again go rescue another in Princess Lyla's name, this time a prince.
In June 2011 they once again set sail on another journey, a journey to bring home a prince. Prince Gavin. One year prior they had embarked on the journey to bring home one beautiful princess, a princess who was no longer available to be adopted, and in the process, brought the king and queen to rescue two additional children.

Two months after starting their newest journey they received a phone call, one that they never thought possible, Princess Lyla had SURVIVED! Princess Lyla left the hospital and was sent back to the dungeon to finish her life sentence. Oh the pain that this king and queen felt, how torn they were. Princess Lyla was the daughter of their hearts, the little girl they had made so many promises to, but they were told to let go, she had no hope. They had decided months prior to rescue in her name, to bring home Prince Gavin and scream it from the rooftops that Princess Lyla needed OUT immediately. As fate would have it Prince Gavin and Princess Lyla resided in the SAME dungeon, what are the chances!?

It came time to cross the ocean once again (December 2011), Prince Gavin would be meeting his royal family and oh the joyous time it would be. Oh what a mix of emotions it would be Prince Gavin was undoubtably meant to be part of this royal family, him and Princess Belle both, but the pain the queen felt, knowing that Princess Lyla was trapped in a dungeon, one buried within the same one she had just visited her Prince. It was heartbreaking.
In the process of slaying the dragon to save Prince Gavin, Queen Summer learned that another royal family, one very dear to their hearts, had stepped forward to free Princess Lyla and bring her home forever. This gave the queen renewed strength and when she went back to free Prince Gavin (January 2012) for good she bowed to the knights and begged for a glimpse, to please see Princess Lyla, to promise that her royal family would be there shortly and to just hang on for a little while longer. Many promises were made yet again to Princess Lyla, much like the ones made in June 2010, and then it was time for Queen Summer to set sail back to their mainland with their new Prince as the rest of their royal family awaited their arrival on the other side of the world.

Two months ago Queen Summer held Princess Lyla and promised her a better life, a mommy and daddy,  that her royal family was on their way, and then once again everything came crashing down. The royal family that so desperately wanted to rescue her would no longer be able, Princess Lyla was once again without her royal family.  Queen Summer was quick to call to the troops to rally for this sweet girl, they knew they couldn't afford the ransom as they were still paying off Prince Gavin's but boy have the troops rallied.  Little did Queen Summer know that He had big plans for Princess Lyla. Some would like to say this has been a fairy tale gone full circle and it is so true but "Love Multiplied" keeps coming to my mind. The love of one Princess, the daughter of their hearts, has saved two other royal children in the process and now her job as savior is done, PRINCESS LYLA IS COMING HOME! Home to the royal family that has been with her from the start, but it can't happen without our help, they need $15,000 and they need it FAST. Princess Lyla is extremely medically fragile, she needs medical attention NOW. The royal family stepped out in faith that He would provide. He commands we care for the orphans, he has had his hand on this princess for over two years now and He wants her home, He needs us to step up and provide that ransom. So without further ado....


GOAL: $15,000

Ipad3 32G- Valued at $599
$100 Amazon Gift Card
$100 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Silpada Gift Certificate
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$25 Walmart gift card
$25 Walmart gift card

Darden Gift Card
$25 Darden Restaurants Gift Card

Darden Gift Card
$25 Darden Restaurants Gift Card

$10 Starbucks gift card

A set of 8 Handmade Birthday Cards
(photo above is just an example of the work they do and not the actual cards you will receive)

$25 gift certificate to For Names Sake

$10 Gift Certificate to TuTu Cute Boutique

Gigi Hill "Lauren" Purse in City Red pattern $48 value

What you have to do to be entered into this awesome royal giveaway:

Donate to the Spitz Family's FSP Here:
$10 = 1 entry
$25 = 5 entries
$50 = 20 entries
$100 = 50 entries

Share our giveaway on facebook = 1 entry
Blog about our giveaway = 1 entry

After you do one or more of the above, go and leave a comment ON THIS POST saying you did so and how much you donated (please let me know if you want it to remain anonymous and I won't publish your comment), as well as the link to your blog post if you blogged.

*All donations are tax deductable*

*If you are interested in donating items for this giveaway please email novitc [at] gmail [dot] com*

All credit for the idea, the giveaway, and the post go to Colleen @ The Stars Aligned. The reason I didn't give her credit at the beginning is some people, like myself, tend not to read posts that are reposted. :)

This beautiful fundraiser was put together by a bunch of wonderful ladies for "my" beautiful Lyla, who the Spitz's are going back to bring home!

Spitz's story is amazing... and I hope you consider participating in this giveaway!!! :)

I thank you, the Spitz's thank you, and Lyla THANKS YOU!!

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