Sunday, January 15, 2012

Faithful Friday - The Grove Family

Two days late, but better now than never! :) Today I want you to meat Alice's family!

Aren't they beautiful?? So is Alice...

...and the other little girl they are adopting - baby Mara!!

ALICE and MARA for the Grove family — UT

Kevin and Kelly Grove have felt strongly since they were teenagers that they would adopt a child with Down Syndrome. God placed the love for people with Down Syndrome in their hearts from an early age. When they met and began dating, they shared their desire to adopt special needs children and were thrilled that they were on the same page! They have had many opportunities to volunteer and be involved in the Down Syndrome community. They have enjoyed donating to many families' adoption funds via Reeces Rainbow. Kelly also runs a domestic adoption ministry to find homes for newborns with significant special needs. Kevin and Kelly are blessed to be parents of several children with special needs, but for years they have longed for a little girl with Down Syndrome to join their family, yet it never felt quite right. That all changed when they saw Alice and Mara's photos on Reeces Rainbow. The bond was strong and instant. Kevin and Kelly knew that they had found not only one daughter but two that were meant for their family! The girls' region has given the Grove family special permission to bring the girls home together despite being unrelated.  Kevin, Kelly and their children are beyond excited to welcome these sweet angels to their forever family. They need financial help to make this dream come true and little time to raise it. Alice is overdue to be transferred to an institution and so needs to come home ASAP. 
Follow the Grove family's adoption journey on their blog at
$10.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Alice's new name is going to be Alyssa, and Mara's new name is going to be Mary! Because Alyssa needs to come home before soon before she is transferred to the institution, and we all know what can happen there! And Mary needs to get out of the orphanage as soon as possible so she doesn't have any institutional behaviors. This sweet family would really appreciate any financial help, but more important they need your prayers!!!

And I just have to share this too for any of you who think that adopting affects a families other children in a bad way. It affects them, but not in a bad way! Check out this adorable video of Alyssa and Mary's new parents telling their siblings! :)

Please consider helping this awesome family bring home their girls!

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  1. What lucky girls - think of all the love they will get in that family!



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