Monday, January 9, 2012

Have you seen?!?!?!

Have you seen the news!?!?! Have you heard!?!?! I have, and I'm SOOO EXCITED!!!! 
Check it out RIGHT HERE!! Do you see who is on that page?? It's LYLA/LILIANNA!!!!!

Do you see the name peaking out at the bottom of that page???

Scroll down a bit and you'll see THIS! (Ok, not the red arrow..)

This all means... she has a FAMILY coming for her!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!


The other day I got a nasty comment saying something along the lines of I shouldn't be encouraging people to fund child trafficking, and Lyla didn't need a family. I laughed it off and deleted it, because some people are soo misinformed! Lyla's family is going to be sooo blessed by her!!

I guess 125 is a magic number! This is the 125 post in which I've posted Lyla's picture! Now, despite the fact I love her so much, I'll stop posting her picture, and from now on you will see only pictures of her with the family that is working to get her, and pictures of her WITH her family!!


  1. Yay!!! Thanks for not giving up on Lyla! Praise God she gets to go home! Praying it will be soon!

  2. The Most Bestest News EVER!!!!! Thank you for being her warrior Sarah - you did an AMAZING job!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of what she'll be able to do in a family... I KNOW she can sit up given the chance. And I imagine it won't be long until she's running!

  4. Congratulations Sarah!!! All your prayers and hard work paid off!
    Love your heart...

  5. I'm so looking foward to seeing this little flower blossom in her very own family. She was so lucky to have her in your corner.

  6. Sweet girl... keep believing in the Lord, keep advocating for orphans. You are doing HIS work that he meant for you to do. He will be blessed who helps orphans and widows. Do not let the negativitiy get to you. They do not know or understand the calling. If they had a little more blind faith and listened to the Lord he may call them to help. Until then March on. :) God Bless.

  7. AWESOME!!! I know how happy this makes you!

  8. sarah i immediatly thought of you when i saw her face! sweet day indeed! xxx


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