Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's keep it going!

I LOVE this!! SOO many children are being put on the My Family Found Me page! ALL of them have families now working to get them! And guess who was put on there today??

Sweet little Victoria!! ♥ I am SOO happy! :D

So, will you help keep it going?? Will you help keep moving kids to the MFFM page?? I hope so, because I'm loving it! Let's get Ksenia on there next!

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  1. its wonderful isn't it Sarah!

    just posted a new look forget-me-not friday post and have added you as a regular that ok? you just do such a wonderful job over her i wanted a weekly link to you.

    also would you like me to add you as a warrior link to any of the children? you post about so many of these beautiful kiddies i didnt quite know who to add your name against. let me know xxxjanexxxxx


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