Monday, January 16, 2012

When Ruby gets the camera...

THIS is what appears on my memory card!!

She got all 3 of us!! :)
This week, I am staying at Michelle's house to help her with her new baby her girls when her husband goes back to work. My brothers, Isaac and Elijah, and I stayed here the first 2 weeks when my parents traveled to bring Jonathan home. Apparently I didn't cause too much trouble because I was invited back I wasn't refused when I invited myself back. :)

Baby Dax is absolutely precious, and Ruby has loved using my camera! (Hey, it's been puked on, what harm can a little slobber do?) Here's a couple pics that I took of Ruby her "my baby". ♥

I think she likes him, AND my camera!


  1. hi Sarah its me Anna, I love your post and I don't miss you!

  2. Very cute! :-) Hope you are having fun! I miss you!!!


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