Sunday, January 15, 2012

What it means to LOVE! ♥

Exactly one month ago today. Exactly 4 weeks ago last Thursday.

That was a horrific day. It was the worst day of my life that I can remember. I cried more that day than I think I had ever had before, and my heart was torn more that day that I care to think about. For those new readers of mine, you can read about it here – hardest post I have ever had to write.

Healing from those events is still taking place for many. Many families are still in the midst of deciding the next step to take. And many warriors are now plugging on for others who need help desperately too.

As for me, I am mostly healed. I have become okay with where Logan is, at least he’s getting cared for a lot better and will never go hungry! He will be loved, and maybe someday adopted by a Ukrainian family. But there are still times when I can’t hold back the tears, like when I am listening to my Meredith Andrew’s CD, and Logan’s song (read on, it’s explained below) comes on. Of course it just happens to always be on at the same time I am putting on my Logan necklace, and then the tears come.

My Logan necklace. I got it from a fundraiser Sterling's mama did to help bring him home!
Note: Logan is the little boy who is plastered all over my header who I met, held, and played with last summer on a mission trip. He stole my heart in the short time I was with him, and is the one who propelled me into the world of orphan advocating.

Someday, when I return to Ukraine, I hope I am able to visit my sweet boy, and give him all the love I wish I had given him more of when I met him. But part of me doesn’t want to see him for his sake. I’m quite sure that he will be a little frightened by this strange lady who talks weird, is a crying blubbery mess, and is squeezing the living daylights out of him! J Yet I dream of and long for that day… even if it never happens.

That sweet boy, Logan, changed my life forever. He opened my eyes to the plight of the orphan, and those with special needs (we didn’t have either of my brothers home at the time I met him). Who knew that a ½ hour (probably less) with a sweet 2 year old could change me forever?

Logan, you have truly has shown me what it means to LOVE, and I am forever grateful! You will always be a big part of my heart, and I will continue to pray for you, sweet boy! I LOVE YOU more than you know!!!

Please take a couple minutes to watch this video I made for him, with “his” song.

I couldn’t have changed a word if I rewrote this song for him, so I’ve dubbed it Logan’s song. That’s why this blog is named after the song, and Logan, because he has shown me what it means…to LOVE!


  1. Couldn't finished reading because of the lump in my throat, but I cry often too.... Love you friend

  2. You've been tagged. I tagged you in my post..... Click here to find out more.... I cannot wait to read your I've been tagged post :)

  3. Oh Sarah, now I'm bawling... I love the love we share for this sweet boy. Oh what I wouldn't give to plant one more rasberry on his tummy or blow him one last kiss... If you ever get to visit him you may just have to take me with you, only then he'll be stuck with two crazy ladies crying all over the place and squeezing the daylights out of him :)
    Love ya, and just for the record, I LOVE that necklace!

  4. Sarah, I was bawling did such a beautiful job on the video and it will make me cry every time I watch it. I'm so very, very proud of you for allowing the Lord to work in your life and letting Him open your heart to Logan, your brothers and the world of SN children and orphans. The Lord has BIG plans for you, my dear daughter. I can't wait to see how He continues to work in your life. I pray you continue to be open to whatever He has for you in this life. To God be the Glory!

    And to think...this all started from one (well several) little crocheted 6" square. :-) God is GOOD!


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