Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Do you want to know why we need to save this little girl???

Well, her picture shows her urgency of course, but do you know what it really is like for her??

PLEASE read this heartbreaking post to find out -

And guess what!!! Ksenia has her own page on RR, instead of in the additional children!! Check it out HERE - KSENIA! Now it will be much easier to link to her! Thank you so much Michelle for doing that!

With the -10F temperatures in Ukraine and other Eastern Europe countries right now, it's INCREDIBLY important that we pray for Ksenia, and ALL the children still waiting in orphanages. (Just to clarify, Ksenia is NOT in Ukraine.)

In the article about Ukraine's cold temperatures (linked above) it says the death rate so far is 30 people from the cold. I'm quite sure that is only the reported deaths, and I think that number is in Kiev (the capital), alone. Go to all the other cities, towns, out in the middle of nowhere, and the orphanages, and mental institutions, and I think you'll find the number of deaths will rise significantly... Pray, friends, please pray!

Of course everybody needs our prayers, but can I ask you to pray for two little ones close to my heart as well?? Seth and Sarah - 
Seth - 6 years old
Sarah - 5 years old
They are ages 5 and 6, and both under 25 lbs. They do have a family working hard to bring them home, and their family is now fully funded (PRAISE GOD!), but what they can really use is your prayers! Please keep praying!!!

Thank you prayer warriors in advance for all the praying you do for these precious little ones!!!

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  1. Thank you for posting about our two babies:) We'll be leaving soon to go get them! Please keep praying my dear sweet friend!!!!!


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