Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Silas

This is Silas:


Boy, Born November 29, 2004 
Silas is a handsome little boy with brown hair and big brown eyes.  He is affectionate and has a glowing personality.   He is engaging, alert, and aware.  He was born with CP and all of his limbs are affected by the spasticity.    he has also has strabismus, which could be corrected with surgery.   He is not able to walk, but will truly blossom in a loving family who can provide therapy and encouragement for his progress.  
Silas has already been transferred to the institution, and will remain bedridden the rest of his life is he is not adopted soon.
 Please consider Silas! 
$11.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

He has been waiting 7 long years for a family to call his own. We only have 3 pictures of him, but boy is he a sweetie!! His smile is irresistible! He should be learning and thriving at home, but instead guess where he is - in an orphanage, in Eastern Europe. And since I am posting about him for Waiting Wednesday, you probably have guessed he doesn't have a family working to get him. Let's change that, shall we?

One of the biggest things that stops people from adopting is the cost. For Silas's country it costs about $25,000 to bring home a child. A pretty large sum right? Well we have a 'pretty' large God!! And the cost of saving his life instead of letting him die in the institution = priceless. Right now he has only $11.00 in his account.

There is a giveaway in the works for him, but can we get his grant up to $50 before then?? I don't think that's too big of a task! All it will take is 2 people to donate $20, 4 people to donate $10, or 8 people to donate $5. Yes, it's that easy!! Go here to donate.

So let's do it!! Get his grant up to $50, and find him a FAMILY!!!

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