Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Miss Rachel!

Was home with this little monkey today!
Everyone else was getting haircuts or went along with those that are getting haircuts. And here at home we were having a grand old time!

We're doing things like hyping ourselves up with sugar, folding and sorting kitchen laundry, going potty like a big girl 10 bajillion times, and arguing over what kind of Angry B!rd hat I'm going to make her! 
I LOVE these Sesame Street Angry B!rds! LOL
I want to make her a blue one, and she says yellow. I say but yellow won't match your coat, and she says red! I told her red and purple go together according to big Rachel and mom, and she says blue!

She may be just two, but she sure has got a mind of her own!
Also on the list of fun things to do is turning our singing dryer on and off just for the fun of hearing it sing!

She added something to her list of fun things to do... hit a button as I'm typing and yell "haha"! That didn't quite make it onto my fun list! And of course, she hides her face when I try to take a picture of her doing it.. rascal!
Grandma's little monkey indeed!

I love my life! And I love this girl!

Actually I love all my siblings.....

....but right now, she ^ is my favorite! :)


  1. I love our singing dryer too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I'm amused you had to read my blog to find out we had one! :P Maybe if you paid more attention and helped with laundry you would know these things... ;)

    2. I did know. I just like reading some of your silly posts!!!!!!!


    3. You did not know. As soon as you read this, you ran upstairs to see it!! And why are we commenting back and forth when you are sitting two feet away from me??


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