Monday, January 30, 2012

'Mazing Monday - Matthew and Michael Hannon

I haven't posted any 'Mazing Monday posts lately, but I'm going to get back into that habit, because there have been many many children who have blossomed AMAZINGLY in their families!!

Today meet Matthew and Michael Hannon! They were adopted from my brother Jonathan's former orphanage, and their family has since gone back to Ukraine and adopted two more precious little ones - Sydney and Sarah!

AJ & SERGEI for the Hannon family–Shallowater, TX

Follow the Hannon family's adoption journey on their blog at

BEFORE: At the orphanage, and just home!
Michael and big sister Rachel

Matthew and big sister Rachel

Matthew - 2 years old, and 15 pounds

Michael - 4 years old, and 16 pounds

AFTER: Taken at HOME with their FAMILY!
Matthew - gained 13 lbs, and grew 7 inches!

Michael - gained 13 lbs, and grew 7 inches!

Home and THRIVING!
Now someone try and tell me that isn't an amazing transformation!!! God is GOOD!

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