Friday, January 27, 2012

Faithful Friday - The Jobes Family

Hey look at this cutie!

He has been transferred to an institution, where no child should ever be, but he has a family coming to get him! :) They are the same family that brought this cutie (below) home in March/April of 2011. Think they're are crazy to be going back so soon? Check out the time between our adoptions! LOL

JOSIAH for the Jobes family — Urbancrest, OH

Evan and Faith met and married young after knowing each other only 4 months. Against all odds, they have been happily married for 10 years. they have a 7 year old son named Morgan. In 2006, they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Nora, who was born with a variety of genetic abnormalities including 5P-, also known as Cri Du Chat (Cat’s Cry Syndrome). Nora blessed their lives for a little over 3 years. She passed away in Jan. 2010 from chronic lung disease. Evan and Faith know she is with God now, where she can dance and sing and waits for them to join her some day. 
After much thought and prayer, they decided that they simply have too much love as a family and need to share that with another child who has special needs. They adopted Etta who has Down Syndrome from Serbia in March 2010. She is such a incredible blessing.
After more thought and prayer, they feel led to bring an older child who has less of a chance of being adopted, Josiah, home to be part of their family. Their family, just like yours, does not have the $25,000 ransom required to adopt Josiah just sitting in a bank account, but if everyone gives just a little, whatever you can, it will add up to exactly what we need. Please carefully consider donating AND spreading the word about Josiah and his new family desperately trying to bring him home from the institution quickly!
$7455.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

And there is an awesome way you can help this family bring him home and save him from his terrible fate at the institution... through Ten 4 Orphans!

They are relatively new organization, and their mission is awesome! As you've probably figured out from their logo, they are collecting $10, and all the proceeds will go to orphans! Their current child they are helping to fund is Josiah and help his family bring him home. Please visit their webpage here - 
For just $10 you can make a difference in Josiah's life, not only make a difference, but help SAVE his life!

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  1. Sarah, I am so happy that you featured Josiah! Faith and her family are working so hard to get their sweet boy home.


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